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Updated: May 30, 2020

Every so often I get the notifications from my calendar: tonight I'm supposed to be playing in Neuadd Ogwen theater in Bethesda. In Wales!

OK... before I start complaining... I'm incredibly grateful for being healthy, for having a lovely house with a little garden (now filled with vegetables) in this super beautiful town that is Portland (I had never been here in April! Explosive colors all over the place... rain is definitely good for psychedelic tinted flowers and your 50 shades of green), grateful for all this extra TIME to practice music and do lots of things that I've been putting off for so long, and for

getting along really well with my hubby (The Amazing Bubble Man, for those who were wondering). But sometimes reality kicks in a little bit.

Will this pass? When? Will we be touring again?

Will the small theaters, festivals, music venues, non-profits, companies and individual artists financially survive? Not to mention all other self-employed creatives, independent contractors of all kinds, let alone homeless people.

BUT, then I stop thinking too much, lock myself up in my little music room and start playing. A lot of improvisation these days, instead of 'regular' songs, cause it just feels more in tune with this weird period we're living in right now. And then I start feeling grateful again, for being able to do creative stuff. Ideas come up, excitement follows and I make little videos of those moments. Just funny little snippets of ideas in front of the camera. Because making things makes me happy. And who knows... they may bring a smile to your faces, too.

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