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Many Months Further...

... And still at home.

Meanwhile, so much has happened outside, 2020 being a year of growing awareness, stupid confrontations, renewed discussions, bloody fights, fires, floods, scary politics, conspiracy theories, heroic rescues, despicable crimes, well, basically anything extreme and its opposite seem to happen these days.

And we just try to keep relatively sane. Take walks. Have tea with the neighbors. Go silent dancing in the park. Jump in the ocean. Draw postcards.

I still consider myself being in a privileged position, since music keeps being such a wonderful outlet, even without the tours and the live shows. I continue practicing every day, I signed up for a song-every-week challenge, once in a while somebody asks me to make a little video, and with the Amazing Bubble Man (that's right, he's the whole reason I moved to the USA years ago, so he better be nice to me), we make videos and do some live Zoom shows for theaters and schools. While always trying to stay inspired and to get better at playing music and improvisation, time keeps doing what it's so good at: accelerate every day.


This lady isn't bored yet.

But maybe you stumbled upon this page just because you wanted a little distraction. At least I have that for you!

Here's my latest video, or actually, it's my aunt Gertrude's creation. Aunt Gertrude is becoming more and more present in my everyday live, which is sometimes a bit tiring, she demands a lot of attention. But Auntie means well, so... here she is!

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