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Tadaaaaaaa !!!! A new video.

I spent waaaaay too much time making this... but somehow, time's not so much a problem anymore. At least for me... These days, it seems that you're either insanely busy or you don't have a job at all.

I wrote this song almost 2 years ago when I was with a small group of songwriter friends in France. We gave each other challenges. Now you should know that certain French sounds just don't exist in the Dutch region where I come from.

For instance, we don't make a difference between v and f, s and z. If you hear somebody say 'So sjeg, lekker fietsweer fandaag', you know that this person is from somewhere in North Holland (Although, you'll need quite some basic Dutch knowledge to recognize what's weird in this phrase, and I suspect that most of you won't. No offense. The Dutch language is not on its way up on the hit lists, either.)

Anyway... guess what my challenge was?

Yes, indeed.

I had to write a song, using as many f, v, s, ch and z sounds as possible.

So I thought that subtitles might come in handy. Or side titles in this case. Which won't help all of you cause it's in French.

Well.... we can't please everybody, can we?

Enjoy, and take good care of yourselves!

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