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EP Release: Flop!

Going back in time...

Remember those CDs? Those flat objects containing music? That often come in a sleeve with a picture of the band or a drawing or some other visual extravaganza, sometimes accompanied by a little booklet with lyrics and more pictures and stuff that you'll probably never read but it's cool that it's there anyway? Those shiny discs that were supposed to last forever? Which turned out to be a big lie right after you sold all your vinyls for less than nothing?  

But most of the time they ended up on a big pile in the glove compartment of your car, or disappeared inside the wrong CD cover before you really had the chance to scratch them anyway... And if you found them back recently, you made mobiles out of them or use them as coasters because nowadays they don't sell cars with CD readers anymore.

Well, guess what: some artists still make those objects. And they're still called CDs or EPs, according to the amount of music on it.

And I happen to be one of those artists. Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen! I have a new EP!

And I'm soooo PROUD!!  

I traveled all over the planet to have some of my musician friends and family play different tracks for it. Then I had my favorite sound magician Oz Fritz mix all them songs together at Prairie Sun studio, I made some drawings for the cover and inside the booklet you can read the lyrics of my songs - so now you'll know what I've been singing all that time with that accent of mine.  

A new EP is born. I named it 'Flop'. Now, a happy event deserves a little party, so I booked an evening at the lovely Fremont Theater in NE Portland and invited lots of guests to share the stage with me. I hope that you can make it!

Here's the info:

EP 'Flop' Release:

Band: Jetty Swart - accordion, vocals, flute, loops  Tom Goicoechea - Drums Bill Athens - Bass Guest musicians: Ralph Carney - Saxophones Will Dudley - Kora

With a guest performance of The Amazing Bubble Man!

OPENING ACT: Professor Gall!

WHEN: Thursday March 16 2017 at 8pm   WHERE: The Fremont Theater 503.946.1962 2393 NE Fremont, Suite C, Portland OR 97212   See you there!!

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