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Life is an unexpected stream of absurdities we better adapt all the time. I mean, 10 years ago I wouldn't have thought that I'd live in Portland some day. I didn't even know where you could point Portland on a map! (Which probably says more about my geographical knowledge than about Portland, sorry folks).   And now I'm here, doing my groceries, playing in local clubs, riding my bike through the puddles (feeling pretty Dutch here) and speaking and thinking with a Dutch/American accent day and night. In general I'm quite happy, except when I get a cold like last week, with migraines so bad, that wearing even the most lightweight glasses feels as if a knife thrower escaped a punk circus and is now aiming right between your eyes. I also could only safely watch my computer screen without spontaneously starting to cry if it was completely turned black. The cat has never been petted as much as the last couple of days though.

But I'm back! This morning I accidentally took a shower with my glasses on, so apparently they don't hurt me anymore, my hearing doesn't sound as if we're 3 miles under water and I can breathe again without getting stuck in too many coughing fits.

And, as always when you have been sick, it seems like a miracle that bodies are actually capable of doing amazing things like talking and looking around without too much effort.

Then you realize that we should just enjoy that a little more, being just kind of healthy...

till you get used to it again and take it stupidly for granted. Ach... der Mensch.

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