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March 2020

Updated: May 30, 2020

This year will definitely be remembered.

The situation at the moment is nuts for everybody and we all just have to do what we can. Sometimes that means big sacrifices and sometimes it means small ones.

Most musicians have to deal with a lot of canceled gigs and tours, which is an absolute bummer of course, especially when you count the amount of time and effort needed to organize the tours in the first place. BUT we're also creative people, so staying at home doesn't have to be synonymous with bored to the bone.

Personally, I consider myself incredibly lucky that I actually HAVE a home and a lovely partner (so far we haven't driven each other toooo crazy yet, being used to spend 24/7 together when we're on tour doing Bubble Shows). And that's already so much more than a lot of people can say.

I've been making little videos since a week, I try to post a new one every day on Facebook. Not my absolute favorite outlet, but hey... it's the kind of audience I can get these days and I'm grateful for it.

Here's one. Enjoy, I hope you lip sync it out loud with me!

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